Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get Ready, Set, Outline!

Finals are coming up soon. Are you ready?  I suggest that you start outlining if you haven't already and begin preparations for studying for your final exams.  Say goodbye to your nights and weekends, buckle down, and study.  Your only job as a law student is to get the best grades that you can so you can actually get a job once your graduate (and even high grades is not a guarantee of a job in this economy!) 

Outlining doesn't work for everyone, so I also suggest making flashcards and commit as much as you can to memory.   Good luck! 


  1. In my experience, (both exams and Bar), practice questions/hypotheticals did me more good than any outline or flashcards.

    Of course you need the outline to remember what "The Law" is. However, practice questions will help you train your mind on how to ANSWER THE QUESTION.

    I believe that is where most students miss the mark on exams. They know the law, they can spot the issue, but they don't know how to thoroughly answer it in a concise manner within the limited amount of time they have.

    Oh...that and law exams are about as unrealistic and unrelated to the practice of law as you can possibly get.

  2. I have found that I have always done the best when I outline myself. I notice that I do terrible when I don't outline. Maybe it's because it reiterates the information and helps one to retain it better.